Host School FAQ's


What makes the Professional Innovators in Teaching program different than others?

We value teaching as a profession! Our program is setup to allow for true integration into a unique culture that relies on a match around mission as a critical foundation. Our program structure is focused on the classroom and real-time instructional coaching and mentoring. We place significant value on the support structure of the cohort, creating a network of professionalism. Our program works collaboratively with each host school to ensure candidates are fully immersed into the culture and district initiatives, while being supported with real-time personalized coaching and development. Further, our program offers leadership development opportunities to assigned mentors and PLC leaders in addition to supporting candidates. We believe this collaborative approach will significantly impact retention, commitment and the feeling of professionalism within the field of teaching.

Can any school host a teaching candidate?

All host schools must apply and provide assurances of research based practices to ensure candidate support and inclusion in a mission driven culture of performance. Host schools must provide documentation of an existing coaching and mentor model inclusive of the educator evaluation process and approach to professional development and the qualifications of a chosen mentor. Further, a district must provide a Letter of Commitment to the values and principles of the program which are inclusive of having a strong culture of coaching, feedback and investment in individualized development.

What is the cost per candidate?

The cost of the 3-year inclusive program is $7,500. It is recommended that host schools embrace creative financial solutions to reduce the burden of responsibility for the candidate. The program is compatible with statute required professional development and offers value-added leadership development for mentor coaches and PLC leaders.

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