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Facebook webinars

Through the series, we will cover how to implement charter school branding on your school’s Facebook page. Access the recorded webinars, and register for upcoming sessions. 
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Check out the School Facebook Toolkit to learn about maximizing your school's Facebook Page, and the Charter School Branding Toolkit for information on strengthening the image of charter schools through positve messaging. 
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Additional resources

Maximizing your Facebook page means staying current on emerging trends, rules and best practices. Follow the InnovatED blog for regular articles on managing your social media presence. 
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What makes a good  page administrator?

Responsible for maintaining your school's Facebook page, your administrator (or team of admins.) is key to your success. Learn how to choose a good candidate based on their knowledge, skills and expertise!
There are over 2.07 billion monthly active Facebook users for Q3 2017 alone. Capitalize on that. 
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