2018 Charter School Awards

Thank you to the countless participants who shared OUTSTANDING stories of educators in their charter schools who go above and beyond for their kids. After our extensive judging process, we are happy to share the top five finalists for 2018 Charter School Teacher of the Year and 2018 Administrator of the Year. These individuals embody the kind of innovation, passion and dedication that makes charters so successful, and their impact is felt far beyond the walls of their classrooms and school buildings. 
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2018 Charter School Awards Winners

Kristina Price 

2018 Teacher of the Year Winner

Kristina is a third-grade teacher at Trillium Academy. She uses song & dance to creatively engage her students and foster high performance. 


Pat Cwayna 

2018 Administrator of the Year Winner

Pat is an administrator at West Michigan Aviation Academy. His dedication to growing the school since it's opening has yielded extraordinary academic performance & technology. 


Jennifer Villwock

2018 Teacher of the Year Finalist

Jennifer is a third-grade teacher at Woodland Park Academy. Her positive energy encourages her student and helps drive positive academic outcomes.


Dave Sarkipato

2018 Teacher of the Year Finalist

Dave is a math teacher at Wellspring Preparatory High School. His ability to build relationships with students creates an high-performing classroom.


Joe Griffith

2018 Teacher of the Year Finalist

Joe is a middle-school social studies teacher at Honey Creek Community School. He uses experiential projects to cultivate a holistic learning environment.


Kayla Campbell

2018 Teacher of the Year Finalist

Kayla is third-grade teacher at Creative Technologies Academy. Her passion and creativity is felt by both her students and her fellow educators. 


Jim Levering

2018 Administrator of the Year Finalist

Jim is an administrator at Black River Montessori Elementary. He has a background as a montessori teacher and a knack for connecting with individual students. 


Bill Kraly

2018 Administrator of the Year Finalist

Bill is an administrator at Chatfield School. He goes above and beyond to make every student and family feel welcome and valued. 


Aquan Grant 

2018 Administrator of the Year Finalist

Aquan is an administrator at Arbor Preparatory High School. She is known for her ability to transform schools to realize their highest potential. 


Shawn Robson

2018 Administrator of the Year Finalist

Shawn is an administrator at Global Heights Academy. He leads with empathy and passion, ensuring his school is a safe space for all students. 

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