Charter School Activism

A Toolkit to Engage Your Lawmaker

It is no secret that charter schools are under attack. Although we are 25 years into the growing charter school movement in Michigan, we are still fighting off the antagonists. As MAPSA continues to advocate for charter schools in Lansing, we are need of your help.

MAPSA is not asking you to fight for the charter school movement, but fight for your school, for your families and your students. You can’t fight this fight alone. Neither can we. This Toolkit Includes:

  • How to Build Relationships with Your Lawmaker
  • Ways to Inform Yourself on Advocacy and How to Share Your Voice
  • Ideas about Making a Meaningful Trip to Lansing
  • How to Use Social Media to Tell Your School’s Story
  • Ways to Fight Legislation through Emails
Charter School Activism Toolkit Cover Image.png