School Closure, Good for Kids?

Posted by Dan Quisenberry on September 11, 2017
School closure can be a contentious topic to consider. Closing a school means displacing families and students as well as teachers and staff. However, a new report on the effect of school closings from Stanford University’s widely respected CREDO Institute concludes that students excel when they [...]
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Topics: Academic Performance, School Closure

Mandatory school closures? Explaining the School Reform Office

Posted by Buddy Moorehouse on February 15, 2017
If you’ve been following the news lately, you know that 38 poor-performing schools in Michigan might be closed by something called the SRO – School Reform Office. This is all very new and confusing, and parents are understandably confused, so let’s try to sort it all out. What is the School Reform [...]
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Topics: School Closure, School Reform Office