Why is everyone up in arms over the Regional Enhancement Millage?

Posted by Becky Carlton on November 15, 2017
The legislature has been debating the Regional Enhancement Millage for weeks now. It is now going to the House floor for a full vote and Michigan charter school supporters have been talking this up a ton. So, why is that?
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Don’t Miss the Deadlines for Available Funding for all PSA’s!

Posted by Angi Beland on September 19, 2017
Recently the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) announced the opening of the early literacy Additional Instructional Time Grant and theAssessment Reimbursement Grant. It is important to note these are not competitive grants. Both are driven out of categorical funding allocated by the [...]
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Why are There Differences in Michigan Public School Funding?

Posted by Alicia Urbain on March 8, 2017
In Michigan, there is a range of public funding from school to school.  There are both historical and political reasons for disparities found across the state. 
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