Narrowing the school aid funding gap for charters

Posted by Alicia Urbain on April 18, 2018
This year, the school aid budget process has been extremely successful in continuing to close the equity gap that exists in the state of Michigan. MAPSA has been hard at work advocating for equal funding for all students no matter their zip code, wealth, or race. With the support of thousands of [...]
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March is Reading Month on Facebook

Posted by Becky Carlton on March 14, 2018
March is Reading Month is widely celebrated in schools across the nation. It is always a great way to focus students on literacy and create a sense of FUN around learning and reading! It is also another great way to engage your Michigan Senate and House lawmakers during the month of March and [...]
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My students, my voice, my impact: Dr. Yolanda Bloodsaw 

Posted by Guest Author on March 13, 2018
As part of our ongoing efforts to close the equity gap between charter schools and traditional public schools, we invited charter parents, educators and advocates to participate in the 2018 Charters Make a Difference Initiative, giving them a chance to tell their charter success story at the [...]
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5 must-know facts about the 2018 Michigan School-Aid Budget

Posted by Grace Noyola on March 13, 2018
The Michigan School-Aid Budget allocates funding for public education bodies, including traditional public and charter schools. While both entities provide 100% free and public education options to families across the state, charter schools and traditional public schools are NOT funded equally. The [...]
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Why is everyone up in arms over the Regional Enhancement Millage?

Posted by Becky Carlton on November 15, 2017
The legislature has been debating the Regional Enhancement Millage for weeks now. It is now going to the House floor for a full vote and Michigan charter school supporters have been talking this up a ton. So, why is that?
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Making Regional Enhancement Millages Accessible to Charters

Posted by Alicia Urbain on September 27, 2017
Recently, Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) have begun to ask voters for what is known as a regional enhancement millage.  All voters in an ISD are asked to approve the millage. It is time to make local millage dollars accessible to charter schools.
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Governor’s 2017-18 Budget Proposal Announcement

Posted by Alicia Urbain on February 9, 2017
Governor Snyder recently presented his budget to fund schools for next year. In a surprising shift, the Governor wants to fund the schools rather than students. Specifically, the he wants to fund students based on the type of school they attend, giving lower amounts for students in K-8 schools and [...]
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