School Closure, Good for Kids?

Posted by Dan Quisenberry on September 11, 2017
School closure can be a contentious topic to consider. Closing a school means displacing families and students as well as teachers and staff. However, a new report on the effect of school closings from Stanford University’s widely respected CREDO Institute concludes that students excel when they [...]
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Charter school graduates aren’t just getting to college – they’re succeeding

Posted by Buddy Moorehouse on August 14, 2017
In terms of research studies and reports, it’s been a summer of great news for the charter school world.  In June, Stanford University’s CREDO Institute released a study that showed students in many of Michigan’s largest charter school networks are gaining months of additional learning every year, [...]
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Is School Turnaround Possible?

Posted by Angi Beland on November 9, 2016
In 2008, the Michigan Wolverines finished the season 3-9.  Short of a spike in 2011, the program teetered around five hundred for years, showing anything but consistency in performance.  In 2014, the team finished with a record of 5-7 overall and 3-5 in the Big Ten, cementing a low point in the [...]
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Is the Impossible Possible: Solutions to Education in Detroit

Posted by Dan Quisenberry on August 18, 2016
It’s true, we have an educational crisis in Michigan, in Detroit. Performance is shockingly too low, while there are exciting examples of excellence; charter school performance is also too low. Many are beginning to wonder if educational excellence is possible for all kids in Detroit.
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