NSCW Series: The Sanders Family

Posted by Buddy Moorehouse on January 19, 2018

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In celebration of National School Choice Week (Jan. 21-27, 2018), we invited charter school parents across Michigan to share their stories of school-choice success. Meet Corinne Sanders, a mom who has three children who have attended William C. Abney Academy in Grand Rapids.

How many children do you have at William C. Abney Academy?

I currently have one child that attends William C. Abney. His name is Montrel Oliver, and he is a 6th grader. I have two other children that also attended William C. Abney in the past and are currently at Union High school:  Jae’ona Clark,  a ninth-grader, and Jaeson Clark, a 10th-grader. They both attended William C. Abney from kindergarten through eighth grade.

How did you come to find William C. Abney and why did you decide to enroll your children there? 

I found the William C. Abney school by watching the news. I then went to an open house where I was filled with a lot of information about the school, and from that point on, I decided to enroll my children in to the school. The staff at Abney was phenomenal. They sold me with their great, warm welcoming. I always remember that the first impression is everything.

Why has William C. Abney been such a great fit for your children?

Abney has been a great fit for our family because of the small classes, the ability to have one-on-one attention with children that are struggling in smaller groups. My son Montrel had an IEP when he first started at Abney and struggles a lot with his fine motor skills. He was put in a small group and one-on-one with a Title I teacher to help him achieve his goals. The transportation is great for parents that have to work and are unable to get their children to and from school. Most schools don’t provide transportation. Abney also offers board meetings to hear parents’ voices to help make the school become better.

Most parents didn’t have the choice of a school when they were kids. What do you think about the fact that you’ve been able to choose the right school for your child?

I love school of choice. The fact that Abney accept all children and provides transportation is a good school of choice fit. You have the right to put your children in a school or district where they can excel and achieve. Abney really pushes their children to achieve and become a leader.

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