NSCW Series: The Raines Family 

Posted by Buddy Moorehouse on January 19, 2018


In celebration of National School Choice Week (Jan. 21-27, 2018), we invited charter school parents across Michigan tell their stories of school-choice success. Meet Tammisha Raines, a mom who has three children attending William C. Abney Academy in Grand Rapids.

How many children do you have at William C. Abney Academy?

I have 3 children currently going to William C. Abney. Amia Hatchett-Spears is 12 years old and she’s in sixth grade. Aaliyah Hatchett-Spears is 9 years old and she’s in fourth grade. Allen Spears is 7 years old and he’s in first grade. All of them been attending William C. Abney since kindergarten. I also have a 13-year-old daughter, Alaejha Hatchett-Spears, who attended William C. Abney from kindergarten through sixth grade.  

How did you come to find William C. Abney and why did you decide to enroll your children there?

I decided to bring my children there eight years ago when I was in the district. I love how they interact with the children and how they teach my children. I have very smart children!

 Why has William C. Abney been such a great fit for your children?

William C Abney has taught my children for years, and they also care about the family’s well-being. It’s like a family, really.

Most parents didn’t have the choice of a school when they were kids. What do you think about the fact that you’ve been able to choose the right school for your child?

I feel it’s great that I get to choose the right school for my children because my children are happy there. They love the teachers and also learn from them and I appreciate them a lot.

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