Charter school parents speak out on Facebook: We love our child’s school!

Posted by Buddy Moorehouse on December 8, 2017


We’ve always known that charter school parents around the state feel passionately about their child’s school, but they don’t always have a forum in which to express that love. But when they do have an outlet - wow! The love really comes through.

Throughout 2017, MAPSA has posted on Facebook a series of videos highlighting innovative and successful charter schools around the state. The videos have given parents a forum to tell the world what they feel about their child’s school. 

When you scroll through the comments and shares on Facebook, you get a real sense of not only how deeply these parents love their child’s school, but also for how much they appreciate the educational choice they’ve been given.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the comments we’ve seen on our Facebook videos. Listen to how passionately these charter school parents (as well as some charter school teachers and students) love their school.


The Chatfield School, Lapeer

 Sophia Phillips: I've always been proud to say that I went through Chatfield from K-8, and I'm happy that my brother is following in my footsteps. Chatfield is truly a wonderful school.

Fran Maddock: So happy and proud that my grandchildren attend Chatfield School. There's a real family atmosphere that makes learning fun.


Wellspring Preparatory High School, Grand Rapids

Sheryl Siegel: Expecting high behavioral and academic standards wrapped in sincere caring and innovative teaching works! 

Maria Alvarez: My kids love this school. Go Wolves.


Merritt Academy, New Haven

Mike Grass: I'm so proud of my daughter but I am also very thankful that she is going to Merritt. It is a phenomenal school. A very tight knit organization with a family feel to it.

Pamela Schultz: My youngest is graduating from Merritt this year. Merritt has been a part of our lives for since he was 4. I will truly miss the school and staff at Merritt!! I cannot say enough about how this school has prepared both of my children for their future. Thank you!

Margaret Coldwell: I am so impressed by this school, and I have 3 Great GrandDaughters attending there!! I feel they are so blessed to be attending there, and I am amazed to see how they are learning so fast!! They are 5- 6- and 8 years old, and I hope to see all 3 graduate from Merritt one day!!

Shari Hankey: So proud of my kids school Merritt Academy!! #1 charter school in the state of Michigan

Grand Traverse Academy, Traverse City

Heidi Sych: The staff in this building are amazing. They barely knew me when tragedy struck my life for a second time within a year, yet they carried me through my darkest hours. I have never felt so loved and appreciated by an employer!


Charlton Heston Academy, St. Helen

Andrea Gregory: I love that CHA (my children's Charter School for the last 4 years and continued) was recognized. So proud of our graduates and our school.


FlexTech High School-Novi

Melissa Butman: My sister teaches at this awesome school... They reach kids in amazing ways. So proud of you, Stephanie Butman!!


AGBU Alex & Marie Manoogian School, Southfield

Sue Fermanian: What a great representation of our school, makes me so proud seeing our principal, staff & students speaking so well of all the accomplishments, I love our school & it's well worth all the years of driving, one graduate down, 2 to go, bravo & congrats!!!!


Detroit Enterprise Academy

Carmen Amanda: So thankful for an amazing school and an amazing principal!


Light of the World Academy, Pinckney

Katie Pavlik Gailitis: We can't praise Light Of The World Academy enough for these hands-on learning experiences for our son. Montessori rocks !

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