Becky Carlton

Becky works as a collaborative communicator both internally and externally to work across projects, teams and boundaries to bring forth a consistent brand for MAPSA. Becky’s creative thinking has gained her a diverse approach to strategic problem solving and the skills to envision the connectedness of both the big picture along with the small details. She’s passionate about working with great people and working for a great cause.

Recent Posts

March is Reading Month on Facebook

Posted by Becky Carlton on March 14, 2018
March is Reading Month is widely celebrated in schools across the nation. It is always a great way to focus students on literacy and create a sense of FUN around learning and reading! It is also another great way to engage your Michigan Senate and House lawmakers during the month of March and [...]
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Topics: Equitable Funding, March is Reading, Reading

Making a Great Choice for Your Teaching Job

Posted by Becky Carlton on February 7, 2018
You may have not heard all positive things about charters schools from your college of education, but know this- everyone has made a choice to be at a charter school. Parents, teachers, students, and leadership all made a choice to be at a charter school. The action of choosing creates a culture of [...]
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Topics: Charter Schools, Teachers, Teaching

Why Working In A Charter School Rocks!

Posted by Becky Carlton on February 2, 2018
Imagine a work environment that has been designed to accommodate you and the population you serve daily. An occupation that allows you to directly affect the future world by teaching at a school open to all, at no charge that allows you a smaller classroom so that you can focus on the individual [...]
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Topics: Charter Schools, Teachers, Teaching

Why is everyone up in arms over the Regional Enhancement Millage?

Posted by Becky Carlton on November 15, 2017
The legislature has been debating the Regional Enhancement Millage for weeks now. It is now going to the House floor for a full vote and Michigan charter school supporters have been talking this up a ton. So, why is that?
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Topics: School Funding, Charter Schools, Funding, Equitable Funding

Steps to Start a Charter School

Posted by Becky Carlton on January 26, 2017
Starting a charter school can be one of the toughest jobs anyone can commit to, but also one of the most rewarding. A clear plan of a quality charter school is critical to your success. On average, the development of a new charter school can take anywhere from 1-3 years, which may vary depending on [...]
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Topics: Charter Schools, Start a Charter School

Choosing a School for Your Child

Posted by Becky Carlton on January 5, 2017
Are you looking for a new school for your child? This can be a challenging process, especially if you are searching for school options for your child due to frustration with an existing school or for financial repercussions with private education. However, know that just by looking for a new school [...]
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Why Closing Charter Schools is True Accountability

Posted by Becky Carlton on May 15, 2016
 It may seem ironic for a charter school membership advocacy organization like MAPSA to praise authorizers and other education reform organizations to close charter schools. However, closing charter schools helps strengthen the Michigan charter school movement. The original concept of charter [...]
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How To Define Charter School For The Skeptics

Posted by Becky Carlton on April 14, 2016
char ·ter school noun a free public school that offers a unique approach to education
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