Alicia Urbain

Alicia received her juris doctor degree from Michigan State University and her bachelor of arts degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan. Prior to coming to MAPSA, Alicia worked for the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Michigan as a Projects Coordinator tasked with the court’s legislative agenda. Alicia has also worked as legal counsel for the Michigan House Republican Policy Office, Governor John Engler’s Legal Division, the Michigan Senate Majority Counsel’s office, and the office of United States Senator Spencer Abraham. She has taught political science and administrative law as an adjunct professor. Alicia resides in Brighton with husband and three children. She coaches youth softball, is an active hockey mom, and an avid University of Michigan fan (Go Blue!).

Recent Posts

Narrowing the school aid funding gap for charters

Posted by Alicia Urbain on April 18, 2018
This year, the school aid budget process has been extremely successful in continuing to close the equity gap that exists in the state of Michigan. MAPSA has been hard at work advocating for equal funding for all students no matter their zip code, wealth, or race. With the support of thousands of [...]
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Topics: Education Policy, Equitable Funding

Making Regional Enhancement Millages Accessible to Charters

Posted by Alicia Urbain on September 27, 2017
Recently, Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) have begun to ask voters for what is known as a regional enhancement millage.  All voters in an ISD are asked to approve the millage. It is time to make local millage dollars accessible to charter schools.
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Topics: School Funding, Equitable Funding

Regulation is NOT accountability!

Posted by Alicia Urbain on September 14, 2017
I have been working in education policy for almost seven years. I often hear quotes like this recent one from a Michigan Radio interview with Ed Trust-Midwest’s Amber Arellano:  “Michigan is a very unusual state in that we’re one of the least regulated [states] when it comes to our charter [...]
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Topics: ESSA, Education Policy, Accountability, Regulation

Governor Snyder Approves State Budget

Posted by Alicia Urbain on July 17, 2017
Michigan's Fiscal Year 2017-2018 budget is finally complete. The Governor signed the budget on Monday, July 14, 2017. MAPSA's number one budget priority is funding equity for all charter schools. With the help of over 1,000 charter school staff and parents that reached out to law makers, MAPSA was [...]
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Topics: Budget, School Aid Budget

Looking for an inexpensive, educational, and fun day trip this summer?

Posted by Alicia Urbain on July 11, 2017
Come explore your state Capitol!  Lansing is a relatively short drive from most places in Michigan and our state Capitol is beautiful and totally free.  Watch MAPSA’s Vice President of Government and Legal Affairs give you a preview of her second home, your Capitol. 
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Topics: Parent Engagement

Update on the 2017 State Budget

Posted by Alicia Urbain on June 15, 2017
The state budget is underway at the Capitol in Lansing, and MAPSA is advocating for charter schools to maximize their per-pupil up till the last minute! A House-Senate conference committee last week reported out an appropriations bill that includes the so-called “2x” formula for school funding. [...]
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Topics: Budget, School Aid Budget

When to start the school year in Michigan?

Posted by Alicia Urbain on May 25, 2017
Debates have been happening for years on the date when the school year starts in Michigan.  As schools began moving start dates up into August, in the 1990s, Michigan’s tourism industry took note. In 1999, the legislature passed the first bill restricting schools from starting prior to Labor Day. [...]
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Topics: School Year, Post-Labor Day Start

The Road to School Funding Equity Includes All of Us

Posted by Alicia Urbain on May 17, 2017
Funding equity. What does it mean? Why does it exist? How do we fix it? In talking to schools, including many traditional schools, funding is one of the biggest challenges educators face. For charter schools, the number one priority MAPSA hears each year from members is around funding equity.
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Update on State's Budget for Schools

Posted by Alicia Urbain on April 17, 2017
Each year, the Governor and both the House and Senate propose their school aid budget for the upcoming year. This year's budget process has been full of unexpected surprises, with several proposals moving equal funding for your charter school a huge step backward. 
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Why are There Differences in Michigan Public School Funding?

Posted by Alicia Urbain on March 8, 2017
In Michigan, there is a range of public funding from school to school.  There are both historical and political reasons for disparities found across the state. 
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Topics: School Aid Budget, Charter Schools, Funding